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What is the School Sport Award

The sportscotland School Sport Award is a lottery funded national initiative designed to encourage schools to continuously improve physical education and sport. The award also encourages sporting links between schools and the communities around them.The sportscotland School Sport Award:

  • Encourages schools to self reflect and continuosly improve.
  • Puts young people at the forefront of the decision making and planning of PE and sport in their school.
  • Helps schools to increase young people’s opportunities and engagement in PE and school sport.
  • Helps schools to put PE and school sport at the heart of their planning, practice and ethos.
  • Recognises and celebrates successful PE and school sport models.
Welcome to the sportscotland School Sport Award self assessment tool

The sportscotland School Sport Award self assessment tool will help your school identify current strengths and any areas for improvement.

On completion of the self assessment your school will be given a summary report based on your answers and a development plan template to help you and your sports committee identify key priorities, actions and timescales for improving your school sport offer.

View the Guidance notes for further information about how to complete the sportscotland School Sport Award self assessment tool.

The Assessment Tool section contains your school’s current answers and any previous assessment results.

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