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Using the self-assessment tool

Step by step guide:

1. On your marks


  • Register your school
  • You will receive notification via email that your account has been activated (this may take up to 24 hours and you will not be able to access the assessment tool until this time).
  • Once you receive notification, you will now be able to log in to the assessment tool.

Set up your school sport committee

  • Once you have decided to participate in the School Sport Award the first step is to set up a sport committee for your school if you do not already have one.
  • Your sport committee should include a range of key people who lead, support and influence physical education and sport in your school.
  • Your sport committee must include and be led by young people.

2. Get Set

Complete an assessment

  • The next step is to complete an initial assessment using the online assessment tool.
  • Please ensure you complete the assessment as a whole school sport committee.
  • Please treat your first completed self assessment as your initial benchmark.
  • No one external will see or share your schools score at this stage

Initial award level and report

  • On completion of the assessment you will be provided with a report to give you your initial score and detailing how you rated in each area

Development plan

  • Also on completion you will be provided with a development plan template.
  • Please select at least one area you want to improve on and explain in your development plan how you plan to improve this area.

Continuous Improvement

Throughout the year you can complete further assessments to track your progress. There is no limit to the number of assessments a school can complete over the academic year. Only your school can see your scores.